Excel Question help please, not sure how to describe it.


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Can anyone explain how this is done in Excel please, I dont have a pic but, say you had a number of rows and in each of the end cells, you want to add multiple comments seperate from each other, (not insert comment) so when you look at the spread sheet, the end cells have muliple boxes in them with a cross in the box, you click on the box cross and it opens the comment as a stand alone, you click on the next crossed box and the same happens.

I dont know what to put into the search function, I spent a couple of hours trawling through google and couldnt find an answer, I should have come to the experts to begin with :)

Thanks in advance


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Are you looking for an editable "dropdown" textbox?
If so there is nothing in Excel's tools that are of that kind of which I am aware.

That said, in the INSERT tab, within the area labelled "text" is a page icon; it shows as "Object" when you place the mouse over it.
Selecting that shows a range of documents which you can import an embed. I sense that is NOT what you want.

Jaafar Tribak

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You could add some buttons (resize them to fit the cells and edit their respective captions to show a + symbol) and attach to them a macro.. The macro will have code that shows a comment depending on the button that was clicked)


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Think Ive got it sorted, thanks very much for the help chaps, its the grouping function in excel :D

Thanks agin for looking in and taking the time to post

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