Excel selects cell O75 on SAVE when top row is frozen


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Hello all,

After freezing the top row so I can continue to see all my header information, Excel selects cell O75 when I save the workbook. I want it to stay on the cell I select - A1 - so I can start there, but when I save the workbook it selects O75 first forcing me to scroll up and over every time. When I un-freeze the top row this behavior stops. Has anyone else seen this and know a way to stop it? I am using Office 365 and have been having this issue for quite a while, only today did I discover it is connected to the top row being frozen. No rush on this as it is an annoyance only. Thank you all! :)


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Does it also happen when you open Excel in safe mode? (press and hold the control key when Excel starts)
Thanks jk...

No, it does not happen in SAFE mode. It also does not happen when I select any cell that is not on the frozen top row. If a cell on the frozen top row is selected (like A1) then it selects O75 on save. Clearly has something to do with the pane/row freeze, but is there a way around it? If not I will simply select a cell that is not on the frozen row (or in a frozen area I guess).


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To be clear: does it happen in safe mode AND when the top row is frozen?
No. I was certain to test safe mode while the top row was frozen (of course).

To get this more confused, the behavior depends on how much data is on the spreadsheet, though I do not have time to do much more testing. A spreadsheet with not much data does not show the behavior at all (not sure how much it needs to start happening). A sheet with a great deal of data will pick a different cell, but one that seems to always be a columns outside the data area and on the last row of data (I have one that picks V75 since there is data in column O, also one that picks V135 where there is data in column O but not column V and the data fills down to row 135.)

Like I said, just an annoyance. No need really to spend a lot of time on this but for the sake of curiosity. Just though someone may have experienced this and have a quick-fix. No worries if not. And thanks for your time!

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