Excel to Check System settings/requirements


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Oct 4, 2018
I have a program that is on a USB drive (iso mounted on usb as .exe from an original CD- no license key needed).

I'd like to have a series of macros that do the following but I have no idea how to get Excel to do much outside of the program itself.


checks system "requirements"- basically I want the macro to return the amount of RAM, type/speed of CPU, HDD total space and space available, and screen resolution in a series of cells, say A1:A10. (amount of RAM can be A1, CPU type A2, CPU Speed A3, etc)


Runs a program who's address is in cell B1, let's say.


Capable of changing the screen resolution


Either capable of changing the IP address and subnet of the computer to a static IP and subnet as specified in B2 and B3
Opens the appropriate windows to put the user right there....

changes the IP back to being dynamic

can excel change the internet options in internet explorer? Namely in:
tools > General > Settings> Browsing History > Select "Every time I visit a webpage" in "Check for newer versions of stored pages" and then click ok>apply>ok and, if opened, close internet explorer again?

Thank you VERY VERY much. the intent of this is to have an "instructions" sheet on the excel sheet that, when opened, can just make all of the necessary system checks and setting-changes- run the program, and then change them back through a series of buttons.

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