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Mar 22, 2016
I am using a script below for excel to pull a certain row value from one sheet to another cell on a different sheet. I just want to know if this can be done with google sheets thru script and if it's possible, i will appreciate if you can walk me through the process. Here's the code I am using:

VBA Code:
Sub reviewRow()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim i As Integer

results = MsgBox("Do you want to View selected row?", vbYesNo, "")

If results = vbYes And Range("H13") > 1 Then
    i = Range("H13")
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("D9") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("B" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("D11") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("D" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("D12") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("A" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("H9") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("F" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("H10") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("G" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("H11") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("H" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K19") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("K" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K25") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("L" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K32") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("M" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K38") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("N" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K44") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("O" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K51") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("P" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K58") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("Q" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K65") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("R" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K71") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("S" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K82") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("T" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K89") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("U" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K95") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("V" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K101") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("W" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("K107") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("X" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G19") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("Y" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G25") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("Z" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G32") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AA" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G38") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AB" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G44") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AC" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G51") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AD" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G58") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AE" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G65") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AF" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G71") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AG" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G82") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AH" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G89") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AI" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G95") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AJ" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G101") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AK" & i)
Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("G107") = Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("AL" & i)


End If

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

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Dec 30, 2008
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I expect that most members of MrExcel do not know how to write google script, but might be able to understand it enough to convert it to vba.

You would be better off asking this question on a google forum where people will have a better understanding of the correct script.

If you do post on other forums, please remember to provide cross post links in all threads.

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