EXCEL VBA: How to set a password to another VBProject programmaticaly


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Apr 29, 2015

I have created a vba code that creates a new .xlms file, adding some code to that file and then my problem is that i cannot protect the VBPoject of that new file. Instead, i wrongly password protect the current VBProject (not the new one, that i want). Here is my code:
<code>Sub Create_xlsm_File()

Dim VBProj As VBIDE.VBProject
Dim VBComp As VBIDE.VBComponent
Dim CodeMod As VBIDE.CodeModule
Dim LineNum As Long
Dim ModuleName As String
Dim NewProcAsString As String
Dim myDir1 As String
Dim FileName1 As String
Dim FolderPath1 As String
Dim FilePath1 As String
Dim Pass1 As String
Dim SheetName1FileName1 As String
Dim MasterName As String
Dim NoOfSheets As Integer
Dim Newbook1 As Workbook

MasterName = Environ("UserName")
myDir1 = "C:\Users\" & MasterName & "\Desktop"
FileName1 = "LockedVBAProject"
Pass1 = "123"
NoOfSheets = 1
SheetName1FileName1 = "Sh1"
ModuleName = "Module1"
'----Creating and Save File-------------------------------------------
Set Newbook1 = Workbooks.Add
FilePath1 = myDir1 & "\" & FileName1
Application.SheetsInNewWorkbook = NoOfSheets
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Name = SheetName1FileName1
Newbook1.SaveAs Filename:=FilePath1, FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, Password:=Pass1
Workbooks(FileName1).Close False
'----Add the VBA code to the File-------------------------------------
Application.Workbooks.Open (FilePath1), Password:=Pass1
'This part is the problem. the SendKeys applied to current project and
' not to the desired "LockedVBAProject"
With Application
'//execute the controls to lock the project\\
.VBE.CommandBars("Menu Bar").Controls("Tools") _
.Controls("VBAProject Properties...").Execute

'//activate 'protection'\\
.SendKeys "^{TAB}", True

'//CAUTION: this either checks OR UNchecks the\\
'//"Lock Project for Viewing" checkbox, if it's already\\
'//been locked for viewing, then this will UNlock it\\
.SendKeys "{ }", True

'//enter password (password is 123 in this example)\\
.SendKeys "{TAB}" & "123", True

'//confirm password\\
.SendKeys "{TAB}" & "123", True

'//scroll down to OK key\\
.SendKeys "{TAB}", True

'//click OK key\\
.SendKeys "{ENTER}", True

'the project is now locked - this takes effect
'the very next time the book's opened...
End With

Set VBProj = ActiveWorkbook.VBProject
Set VBComp = VBProj.VBComponents.Add(vbext_ct_StdModule)
VBComp.Name = ModuleName
Set VBComp = VBProj.VBComponents("ThisWorkbook")
Set CodeMod = VBComp.CodeModule

With CodeMod
LineNum = .CreateEventProc("Open", "Workbook")
LineNum = LineNum + 2
NewProcAsString = "MsgBox ""Hola !!!"""
CodeMod.InsertLines LineNum, NewProcAsString
End With

Workbooks(FileName1).Close False


End Sub</code> Can you please help me to select and password protect the desired new "LockedVBAProject" file?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance for your time.


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