exiting array formula evaluation mode


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To see the evaluation of an array formula, one can highlight the array formula and hit F9. Hitting ESC should exit the evaluation mode and go back to display the array formula. It has happened to me a few times that ESC doesn't show the array formula. I was stuck in the evaluation mode. Any way out?


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I have not experienced that or know what might cause it. If it happens, does clicking the 'X' formula bar button to the left of the formula bar take you back out?


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Ctrl-Z doesn't work. Clicking "X" doesn't work.

OK. Sorry for the misinformation. Undo works to get the array formula back.
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Ctrl Z works for me, but you may need to do it a few times, depending on what other changes you made


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This is how I get into trouble.

Select an array formula or a portion of it, hit F9 to display the evaluation, copy the evaluation, select a cell and paste the evaluation.

This way, when going back to the formula bar, I have found no way of getting the array formula back except doing undo. However, undo erases the pasted evaluation. So, the net result is just a waste of time.

To paste evaluation, after copying, one needs to hit ESC or Ctrl-Z to get the array formula back first and then paste. Otherwise, you either lose the pasted evaluation or the array formula. Can't have both of them at the same time.


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OK, post 1 didn't mention anything about copy - leave cell - paste - return to cell so I certainly thought the issue was a different one. :eek:

In any case, this is the simple solution for you isn't it?
To paste evaluation, after copying, one needs to hit ESC or Ctrl-Z to get the array formula back first and then paste.

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