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Feb 20, 2010
All, I've devoted many hours learning vba and it has peaked my interest in expanding my knowledge of other languages. For the moment the majority of my work would be in applications and not web developement. My dilemma is what language will give me the most flexibilty and what developement suite is the best.

I've looked at java and ms studio express. While java looks to be more user freiendly, the language and syntax appears unique. MS Studio has optional compilers for programming in C+, C++, and C#, but the learning curve is steeper. My office will be getting MatLab soon and as I understand is C based.

I'm past my abilty to discern what the best course I should to take. So I'm hoping to get some sound advice from a savvy group of programmers.

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Richard Schollar

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Apr 19, 2005
It depends what you want it for: if it's for yourself and not necessarily to assist your current career I would heartily recommend Ruby which has a gorgeous syntax (and which I find very similar in many ways to VBA, although it is fully object-oriented) - you can then apply this to web programming and stand-alone stuff; if however your aim is to be able to do more/better things at work then you should probably target what platforms/languages work uses (in my workplace, this would be C# for example).

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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