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Dear Sir,

At the outset, feel great to see your message that your fine. Have a great time. Further, Many many thanks for your updated code, its working with the sample data perfectly, superbly, you are really Genius Sir. I will check with the main data and update you Sir.

Great to have you on Mr. Excel. Once again many thanks Sir. I remain.

Best regards,


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In C1 =TEXTJOIN(" ",,IFERROR(MID(B1,IFERROR(SEARCH(A1:A4,B1,1),0),LEN($A$1:$A$4)),""))
Hi John, hope you are well.

Are you answering the original question from 2015 or the current take on it which started at post 32?


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I was answering the original post.
OK. I guess TEXTJOIN didn't exist back then so a good idea to include the possibility for current readers of the thread. So in that case I make the following comments.

1. You didn't mention that your suggested formula needs to be confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter, not just Enter.

2. It also suffers the same issue I raised in post 7 of the thread and demonstrated in cell C2 below where it returns "apple" when that 'word' does not appear in B2.

3. I have suggested an alternative TEXTJOIN function (also requiring Ctrl+Shift+Enter confirmation) in column C. My function also has some drawbacks related to punctuation. I have dealt with "." and "," in the column B text but if there could be other punctuation (eg ?;: ) then further SUBSTITUTE functions would be needed.

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1AppleToday I ate a burger with fries, and had an apple afterwards.
2FriesI like pineapples & saladapple saladSalad
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