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Sep 10, 2006
hi all
i am currently in a bit of a rut here :LOL: , first i will explain what i am doing:
i am doing a scoring prgram for a rallysprint which i need to get two of the fastest times out of three different times.
For Example:
in mins & secs
2.32, 3.10, 2.20 therefore fastest time = 4.52

i want to be able to get the two lower times to get a total for the fastest times out of 3
Any help would be greatly appreciated
i've looked around but cant seem to find anything remotely close to this, maybe i am just not looking in the right spot!

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Welcome to the Mr Excel board!

See if this is any use.
1. I formatted A2:D4 as a custom time as follows. mm:ss
2. Times entered as 0:2:32 etc
3. Formula in D2 (copied down) is =SUM(A2:C2)-MAX(A2:C2)
Mr Excel.xls
1Time 1Time 2Time 3Fastest Two
Fastest Times
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Here is another option. The benefit of this approach is that if you need the lowest 2 out of more than 3, the only change would be to the range:

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formula worked ... more problems to solve

Seti & Peter_SSs
Thanx very muchly for your help it worked perfectly now i have that sorted out i realised that i came across another problem & that is i need to put their rank of the fastest time outright in the very last column i do so that they can see their positions, i have spent a good hour mucking around with formulas that i thought would work but i just cant get it right so i was wondering if you might be able to help me with that?
for example:

car 1: 2.22, 3.05, 2.20 total 7.47 position 1
car 2: 2.32, 3.55, 2.50 total 9.17 position 3
car 3: 2.35, 3.45, 2.30 total 8.50 position 2

i dont want to change the order of the cars i want to keep them in the same spot i want to put their rank after their total time so they can see what position they are running at
Sorry to be a pain guys, i'm just not as good at this program as i first thought!!! :oops:
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Is this what you want for the Position?
Formula in E2 (copied down): =RANK(D2,$D$2:$D$4,1)
Mr Excel 06 09 10.xls
1Time 1Time 2Time 3Fastest TwoPosition
Fastest Times
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that worked excellent does the job good thanks alot for that :pray:
Glad to help. I wonder if we are related?
- Both from Australia.
- Similar 'surnames' - Yours: _ssss and Mine: _SSs :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
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:rolleyes: (y)
hey i live in taree
so ur only 2 hrs away i tried for sss ..... but they wouldnt let me ave it :LOL:
maybe not directly related but .... we're all in this together arent we? :cool:
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I hope you'll forgive me for resurrecting a nearly 7-year-old thread, but I have a problem nearly identical to the one posted by nismo_ssss, with one additional twist:

Like nismo_ssss, I need to identify, sum, and rank the two fastest times out of a series - except I need the fastest two out of four (instead of three). And instead of lap times, they're times of individual runs in a ski/snowboard/skateboard race.

Normally Seti's solution would work perfectly - except for this difference: Occasionally a racer fails to finish a run (for example, by missing a required turn or by crashing), in which case he/she gets "no time" or a blank for that run. And it seems the SMALL function doesn't work with non-numerical values; with Seti's formula, Excel returns a #NUM! error if it hits one of them.

Any suggestions on how to keep that from happening?
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Welcome to the MrExcel board!

I'm only finding a problem if there isn't at least 2 numerical values, and you haven't said if that is possible for you, or what result you want if that situation occurs.

Excel Workbook
1Time 1Time 2Time 3Time 4Fastest Two
2no time1:552:50no time4:45
33:303:30no time3:296:59
5no time1:32no timeno time#NUM!
6no timeno timeno timeno time#NUM!
Fastest Times
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