Filling cells based on a pull-down


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Nov 6, 2019
Hi everyone! I have a spreadsheet we want to use as a sort of fillable form for non-tech savvy people to send us data in. The problem is, there are columns they don’t need to fill in depending on which one of several dozen selections is made in a different column. The original solution to this was to use conditional formatting to black out the un-needed cells based on the users selection. But now they want something that just prints “NA” in the un-needed cells. I figure that leaves me to coding the spreadsheet. Except the problem with using if statements throughout it is that the users will be typing right over top of the code and it will be lost the moment they do, so if they make any changes, the code is already gone. I can’t think of any other work around that would allow me to fill “NA” in a cell, based on another cells contents without putting code directly into the first cell. Any ideas? I have virtually no VBA code experience but I’m skilled at making complex functions.


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Jul 15, 2016
You could use a IF statement in a helper column that is password protected?

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