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Sep 28, 2005
Good morning,

I am using filter to track some spending. In B1 i have the day name, which is calculated from B2 which contains the date.

B1 contains the formula: =IF(B2="","",WEEKDAY(B2,1))

and i am using "dddd" as the custom formating

Cell B2 simply contains the date, formated as "mmmm-dd-yyyy"

The problem is in cell A1 (row 1 being the filter row) i am getting "1900", "January", and "4" & "5" as my filter criteria, when cells A2 to A6 actually contains "Wednesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Thursday", "Thursday".

Thanks for your help.


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Board Regular
Sep 28, 2005
Must of messed up when typing, I re-did it and it works just fine.

Thank you very much.

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