find case in a certain cell


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I use the following code
  Dim Changed As Range, Cell As Range  
Dim Clr As Long
   Set Changed = Intersect(Target, Range("m2:k300"))
  If Not Changed Is Nothing Then
    For Each Cell In Changed
       Select Case LCase(Cell.Value)
         Case "win10":       Clr = 35
         Case "no":        Clr = 55
         Case "issue":     Clr = 39
         Case "b i p":     Clr = 28
         Case "emailed":   Clr = 27
         Case "built":     Clr = 7
         Case "t b a":     Clr = 46
         Case "n / a":       Clr = 45
         Case "e u":       Clr = 22
         Case Else:        Clr = xlNone
      End Select
      Rows(Cell.Row).Resize(, Cell.Column).Interior.ColorIndex = Clr
    Next Cell
  End If
It works fine, but is it vaible for 'Case "n / a"' to pick up a cell ref ( IE sheetname VB , cell ref a2 'Test' )

Hoping this makes sense & thank you for your help.


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I don't understand what that means.


thanks for your reply & sorry for the mix up.

curerently where it stats in the code ' Case "n / a" ', "n / a" may have to change , and rather than having to open the VB , it would look to a cell ( ie 'A2) and and would use the text in that cell.

Hope this now makes sense

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