Find last row in column with specific value


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I'm sure this is really easy but I can't figure it out - I'm trying to find the last cell in column A that has a specific value.

I currently have this, which gives me the value that I want, (in column B), but I need to now do it with criteria;

Range("J3").Value = Sheets("AVAILABLE").Range("B65000").End(xlUp).Value
Can someone show me how to adjust it so it looks for the last cell in column A that has the value "NEWPORT" and then returns the value from column B?


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How about
Rich (BB code):
Sub sharky()
   Dim Fnd As Range
   Set Fnd = Sheets("AVAILABLE").Range("A:A").Find("Newport", , , xlWhole, xlByRows, xlPrevious, False, , False)
   If Not Fnd Is Nothing Then Range("J3").Value = Fnd.Offset(, 1).Value
End Sub

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