Find related items based on multiple criteria > index+match multiple criteria or somthing else?


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Hi all,

This is a challenge, at least for me. What I'm trying to achieve is the following: I've a big list of items with several specs. I want to project the matching items (with the same specs) in columns after the item to match.

Simplified example of the data:

ItemSpec 1Spec 2Spec 3Spec 4


Result wished for:

ItemRelated 1Related 2Related 3Related 4


Is this possible at all? I tried and combined several index matches found on the forum, but non of them worked for this scenario. I really hope someone has a working solution, as I have thousands of rows and a couple thousand combinations I guess.

Many thanks in advance!


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You could ensure your specifications in a given column had the same character length then concatenate all columns with dashes into a single column. Index match with the combined column would show matches.
Another method would be using a filter to show only rows where the all of the filtered columns matched the inputs.
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