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Jul 22, 2010
I have problem with one function..i dont know how to do it and whether that is possible to do with formulas or macro.

I have column Name, where can be one name many times, next column state, subject which are useless this time and columns points and totals

I want to make function that do this:
Look to column A find name1 and all same names and sum the points together and put in column totals, then find name2 and do the same..

i attach the image..

thanks for solution

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How to calculate loan payments in Excel?
Use the PMT function: =PMT(5%/12,60,-25000) is for a $25,000 loan, 5% annual interest, 60 month loan.


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May 28, 2005
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What about using Excel's built-in Pivot Table fearture? Results are shown in columns F:G.

Excel Workbook
1NameSubjectStatePointsSum of Points
2John SmithBiologyCompleted10NameTotal
3Sebastian BrownGeographyUncompleted23Joe Boll43
4Tim BradleyAnathomyCompleted143John Smith100
5Joe BollBiologyCompleted43Sebastian Brown99
6John SmithChemistryCompleted56Tim Bradley199
7John SmithPhysicsUncompleted34Grand Total441
8Tim BradleyBiologyCompleted56
9Sebastian BrownAnathomyUncompleted76
Pivot table

For the future, you will get more help here if you post sample data directly in the forum so we can Copy/Paste it into our sheets for testing rather that having to type it manually liike I did this time. Here are some methods to investigate.

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