force file to open in dedicated instance - revisited


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Aug 22, 2002
I do not want to hijack the original post from Aug-2009 by forum moderators Jon von der Heyden with answers from pgc01, so I am starting a new thread. (Forum Moderator: If this should be appended to the original post, please do so.) The final solution in the original thread is unclear - it seems to veer off into why Jon needed two separate instances. I tried the class module solution proposed by Jon, but found the same result as pgc01 - Jon's code did not force a second instance.

I am writing a dictator Machine Downtime application for a Dual-Monitor Kiosk PC (very limited permissions) on a factory floor. There is already an always-open Excel application that runs on the second monitor showing Machine Performance Metrics.

I want to insure that regardless of which application is opened first, the second runs in its own instance. I need this for several reasons, the primary two being : 1) The users do not want either application covering up the other one, and 2) both applications use Application.OnTime timers to automatically refresh their data based on calls to external databases. Ideally I would like to control that the Downtime app always opens on monitor 1 and the Performance Metrics app always opens on monitor 2 but that would be 'icing on the cake'.

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