Force refresh/load Named Ranges on Workbook Open in Excel


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I have a lot of Named Ranges that are coming from our File Management system metadata. Usually on workbook open it takes some time (up to 5 seconds) to load these values to cells. I have some other processes linked to these cells. For example showing/hiding shapes if let's say cell A1 > 1. The problem is that now there is no code to identify are these values already loaded so that another code can be performed.

Question: Is there any way to force load Named Ranges values by VBA? Or ensure they are loaded?

This is how Name Manager looks like (all these ="" are filled with values on Workbook_Open):

Here is my current code:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    On Error Resume Next
    'Application.Visible = False
        Loading.LabelProgresso.Width = 0
        Loading.Show (vbModeless)
        oFractionComplete (0)
            ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("MAIN").ScrollArea = "$A$1:$BL$45"
        oFractionComplete (0.1)

                If ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Price calculation").Range("G1866") > 500000 And _
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Other Data").Range("U7") = "value" Or _
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Other Data").Range("T31") > 500000 Then
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MAIN").Shapes("LimitRequest").Visible = True
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MAIN").Shapes("CreditCheck").Visible = False
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MAIN").Shapes("LimitRequest").Visible = False
                    ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MAIN").Shapes("CreditCheck").Visible = True
                End If
        oFractionComplete (0.2)

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