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Apr 11, 2018
Hi all,

First time posting so apologies if I'm not overly clear.

I've been set a task that is bending my brain a little bit -

The document has 3 tabs - Historical Calls, Forecast Calls, Accuracy

-Historical Calls - actual data
-Forecast Calls - historical data which is either like for like, or daily total/ % share of that time interval
-Accuracy - historical / forecast %

What I need to do is, first let forecast be calculated based on the data I have in the actuals & sums behind it, but for that forecast to be then 'locked in' 3-month intervals with the data I have, regardless of if I continue to add new actual data.

Essentially we need to use the actuals to fuel the forecast, but then be able to measure the accuracy of this (without additional data constantly updating the forecast)

Currently, if I add any new actual data, it updates the forecasts I've already calculated

The only solution I've got so far is one the forecast is originally generated, copy and paste the values over the top as figures removing the formula.... which is a workaround but not a long-term solution.

-Is there a simple tweak to the formulas behind the forecasts to stop them updating once calculated?

Thanks for any help! Sorry if this doesn't make sense - I'm having trouble making sense of the issue, to begin with!

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Dec 15, 2014
You can use a change event to paste values when a formula updates a value it will call the event

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