Forecasting and Capacity Analysis for Future Dates, Projects, and Resource Names


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Aug 20, 2018
Hi guys,

I am running into circles with trying to figure out this issue. I am wanting to automate our current capacity planning tool for my team and want to generate some sort of forecasting ability with the forecast formula. I have heard that the newer versions of Excel contain the forecasting sheet tool, but I don't have it at work.

My goal is to forecast hours allocation for future weeks and use actual hours for the weeks that have already completed. The tricky part is that the hours allocation for each person are also set up by project. This means each person has multiple projects and for those projects that take place in future weeks, I want to be able to forecast accurately without modifying anything for actual hours.

Here is my progress so far:

<today()-7,[@[sum of="" hours]],forecast
=IF([@[Week Of]]<TODAY()-7,[@[Sum of Hours]],FORECAST(

However, this does not take into account multiple projects or people into consideration whatsoever. If someone could please help me create a forecasting formula that factors in multiple people, projects, and actual and future dates, I would greatly appreciate it. Below is a sample of what I am working with right now. The forecast calculation would theoretically go after the "Estimated Hours" column in a separate column.

PMO ResourceProjectWeek OfPeriodActualsEstimated Hours
CHDigital Issuance8/20/2018611
CHMobile Release v3.18/20/2018600
CHMobile Release v3.28/20/201861010
CHMobile Release v3.38/20/2018600
CHPMO Activities8/20/2018655
(PTO, Bi-Weekly Updates)
JJFinancial Planning 8/20/2018600
JJSET v28/20/2018600
JJPMO Activities8/20/2018655
(PTO, Bi-Weekly Updates)

<colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>
CHDigital Issuance8/27/2018711
CHMobile Release v3.18/27/2018700
CHMobile Release v3.28/27/201871010
CHMobile Release v3.38/27/2018700
CHPMO Activities8/27/2018755
(PTO, Bi-Weekly Updates)
JJFinancial Planning8/27/2018700
JJSET v28/27/2018700
JJPMO Activities8/27/2018755
(PTO, Bi-Weekly Updates)

<colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>

Any help here would be appreciated!</today()-7,[@[sum>

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