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Dr. Demento

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Nov 2, 2010
I'm futzing around with Jeff Weir's Easy way to back up CF formats and I'm trying to create a list of CF that can then be read into a sub and applied on other workbooks. For the most part everything works out fine, but I'm having trouble with the FormatCondition.Operator Property. According to MSDN, it's supposed to "Returns a Long value that represents the operator for the conditional format." However, for the life of me I can't figure out what property to use to get the Operator value when reading the CF formats from a workbook.

I've tried object.Operator but I get RTE 1004 (application/object-defined error). I recognize there may not be any way to pull out the Operator, but never know . . .

Dim obj As Object
Dim fc As FormatCondition

    For Each obj In sht.Cells.FormatConditions
        strAddress = Replace(obj.AppliesTo.address, "$", vbNullString)  ' ~~ Removes "$"

        Select Case TypeName(obj)
          Case "FormatCondition"
            Set fc = obj
            tbl_addNewRow tbl
            tbl_addData tbl, Now, 1                                   ' Timestamp
            tbl_addData tbl,, 2                              ' sht name
            tbl_addData tbl, TypeName(fc), 3                          ' Variable type
            tbl_addData tbl, cfConditionType(fc.Type), 4              ' Type of CF
            t[B]bl_addData tbl, fc.Operator, 5                           ' Operator  <-- Hut the wheck?[/B]
            tbl_addData tbl, strAddress, 6                            ' address
            tbl_addData tbl, "'" & fc.Formula1, 7                     ' Formula of CF
            tbl_addData tbl, obj.StopIfTrue, 8                        ' bln - Stop if True
       End Select
     Next obj
The subs with tbl_ prefix have to do with putting the data in the table. They can be ignored.

I had to Dim cf as a generic Object instead of declaring as FormatCondition because DataBars screw things up.
' See When is a FormatCondition not a FormatCondition? | Excel Matters

Any thoughts?

Thanks y'all.

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Dr. Demento

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Nov 2, 2010
Bump? Does my question make sense? It does to me, but you know how well that works out :eek:


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FormatCondition is the only one of the possible objects in the FormatConditions collection that actually has the Operator property, so you'd need to add a TypeName or TypeOf check to your code before trying to use it.

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