Formatting and moving data to another sheet via Vlookup? or VBA ? or Something Else

Andy Donegan

New Member
Sep 2, 2013
Hi I am currently trying to produce a spreadsheet for an entry system to sort out swimmers in a gala by events they have entered. Currently I have the main entry sheet which I receive back from each swimming club, with the details entered, Columns F to J are y / n answer if Y is selected the relevant matching box in K to O highlights from solid black to green for a time to be entered.
What I a hoping to achieve is once I have received all entrys from every club, to copy the info from the main entrys page below on to each specific event TAB, I will create 25 TABS for all the events.
I have created the output that I am hoping to get and pasted that in below as Event1.

Event 1 Tab Below shows the data I would like to pull through from the main sheet above. The top box is my criteria, so I want all males aged 9 entered for the backstroke. It does not need to filter on 50m, that is just there for the event description.
The box below is still event 1 but for a different age group, males, aged 10 backstroke.
I have searched and read a lot but found many different ways, but I think that with my limited knowledge I am struggling. I was hoping to produce this with a vlookup and if statement, but then I receive lots of blanks.
My main hope is if each event page has the top box with Sex, Age and stroke filter, I can run an if statement or the like to go to Entry Form and list all swimmers who picked yes for that event, and pull through the details.

I have played all last night and this morning and can not get anything near to what I am looking for, if somebody has the patience or time to read my request and point me in the correct direction it would be greatly appreciated.
Please note I have used VBA once now thanks to this forum when a problem was solved by somebody, but I am a novice to the technical stuff, I learn quick and will try solutions.
I also tried advanced filter, but it became messy, I just could not achieve the output I require to help us make the gala planning easier.

Also we do have gala planning software, our problem is that it is so complicated nobody can use it with out the aid of one person, a spreadsheet will make so much easier.

Thank you very much in advance.

Excel 2010
4Swimmer NameDate of BirthMale or FemaleName of ClubAge On DayBackstrokeBreaststrokeFreestyleButterflyIMBackstrokeBreaststrokeFreestyleButterflyIM
5name 125/05/2002MBradford SC11yyyyy00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
6name 213/03/1999MBradford SC14YYY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
7name 321/01/2005MBradford SC8YY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
8name 418/02/2004MIlkley SC9yyyyy00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
9name 511/03/2005MIlkley SC8YY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
10name 616/05/1999FBingley SC14YYY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
11name 726/11/1999FBingley SC14YYYY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0
12name 811/06/2001FBradford Dolphins SC12YYYY00:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000:00.0

Entry Form

Excel 2010
2EVENT 1M950mBackstroke
4Swimmer NameDOBClubEntry TimeTime Swam
5name 418/02/2004Bradford SC00:00.00
6name 2405/03/2004Bradford SC00:00.00
7name 2510/05/2004Bradford SC00:00.00
8name 2604/02/2004Bradford SC00:00.00
9name 2705/03/2004Bradford SC00:00.00
14EVENT 2M1050mBackstroke
16Swimmer NameAgeClubEntry TimeTime Swam
17name 1323/03/2003Bradford SC00:00.00
18name 2904/05/2003Bradford SC00:00.00
19name 4005/12/2003Ilkley SC00:00.00
20name 4807/08/2003Keighley SC00:00.00

<colgroup><col style="width: 25pxpx"><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><thead>

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