Formatting problems - refrencing other workbooks


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Apr 21, 2009
1) When I reference another workbook, I simply hit "=" and then the cell on the other workpaper I am referencing. The cell i'm trying to pull information from is all words/text. Anyway, when I complete this task, sometimes it will just show "####################" in my target cell, what is going on?

2) Since I am referencing cells with many words in them, i would like excel to automatically format the cell size around it by changing the row height (not column width). Right now, it simply has the text going accross on one line and the rest of the words are cut off after I complete the reference. I have "wrap text" on and I still am unable to see the entire reference.

3) Sometimes when I reference another worksheet cell, it will simply display my reference formula and not the result of the formula.

Issues #1 and #3 don't seem to come about in any organized way, but it seems random when they do happen. Most of the time the references behave the way I want, but I can't figure this out at all. . .

I don't know if it matters or not, but the spreadsheet i am creating is excel 2007 and all of my references are coming from excel 2003.

Thanks for your help, this is causeing me quite a headache.


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Aug 21, 2005
1. the column width is not enough. you have to autofit
2. you yourself said you have to wrap text(under format-cells-alignmnet-wraptext) and auto fit the rows.
3.perhaps instead of referencing you should copy paste values.

for all of these you can create a macro and then edit it.


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May 2, 2008
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Number 3 will happen if the cell is formatted specifically as Text before you enter the formula. Numebr 1 would also happen if you formatted the cell as Text after entering the formula and the returned text is between 255 and 1024 characters in length. In both ccase formatting the cell as General would resolve that problem, though for #3, you would need to re-enter the formula (just press f2 and enter).

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