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Oct 30, 2002
OK Here is the quandry: I run a small call centre where Phone reps scribble down appointments on a form and hand it in to my admin lady who types it up in word then in turn we email them to sales reps who go out to appointmnents. The information is then retyped into an excel database for future reference. I know its possible to have the form in excel and have it update its own database but I cannot for the life of me work it out. Any help would be appreciated. Keep in mind that we still need to save a copy of each individual typed form that gets emailed to sales reps. Feel free to email me and i can email you the fields we require so you can get a clear picture of what we need.

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Joe Was

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Feb 19, 2002
You may want to try the built-in Excel Data Form for managing an Excel database. On the pull-down menu it is Data-Form...

The default form will update a database, search, querry and all sorts of things automatically. To set it up label a block of columns with your field names put the cursor in the first record(row) and activate the utility.

The code below will work with a table that is on the same sheet as the navagation menu. I use buttons and Photo objects that act as buttons to activate the code below.

For your data table start in AA1 with cells labled as text and lable the fields for cells (AA1,AB1,AC1...) then load the table with at least one data element in AA2 (A dummy like: "First Record" or 1, anything will work.) this sets the table for the data-form defalts. The Data-Form will use your column lables as the forms field lables on the input screen. It all works very slick.

The code below uses the Sendkeys command to activate or use the Data-Form.

Note Data forms can display a maximum of 32 fields at one time. You can only have one Data-List per sheet, but you may have many sheets in a workbook each with it's own Data Form and Data Table. JSW

Use Form Buttons or hot-keys to run the macros below!

Sub DBForm()
'Macro made; 12/13/2001, By: Joe Was.
'Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+b.
'Runs (Opens) the DataBase input Form.

'Calibrate screen for scroll to DataBase-Data-Table.
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll ToRight:=13

'Select first DataBase record.

'Clean Screen and show Default Data Form.
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1
SendKeys "%do"

End Sub

Sub myExit()
'Exit the database form.
SendKeys "%fx"
End Sub

Sub myClose()
'Close the datbase form.
SendKeys "%fc:"
End Sub

Sub myPrint1()
'Print the data table.
Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt, Response, MyString

Msg = "Print Data Now?" ' Define message.
Style = vbOKCancel ' Define buttons.
Title = "Ready to Print?" ' Define title.
'Help = "DEMO.HLP" ' Define Help file.
'Ctxt = 1000 ' Define topic
' context.
' Display message.
Response = MsgBox(Msg, Style, Title)
If Response = vbOK Then ' User chose Yes.
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$AA:$AI"
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1
Else ' User chose No.
GoTo Can
End If

End Sub

Sub mySave()
'Save this workbook.
End Sub

Sub VDBT()
'Move to the data table.
End Sub

Sub MainView()
'Return to the navagation menu.
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 1
End Sub

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