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Guys I am working on a spreadsheet and need to buils a search page.

I have 5 tabs where the columns are
First NameSurnameAgeURNlength of service
BobSmith33qz4455667793 years
juliePaige27fd4775h332 years
BobSmith34ttt67676556 years


The sheets are location ie London Brazil new york Athens

I want to build a search page where I have the first four fields if B2 c2 d2 and e2 and the cells to enter the info in b3 c3 d3 and e3

I want the results to return underneath


New YorkNone


What I am really hoping for is that if I dont have all the information to type in to the search fields ie I know only bob Smith it returns the results shown above, but if I know the age is 33 then it would update the results so that I only get the answer in the box next to london. But also that I could just type in the URN (unique reference number if known and get the complete answer.

I hope this makes sense...

oh and on the search page in colum a

You have the cities written.

One last point.

Staff move and as such the same bob smith could have worked with same urn in 2 locations I would like to add length of service in the returned result where that happens
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