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Jun 20, 2013
Hi all, I am not sure if access can do this function or not. I have data in a table where I am calculating the best % rate for a set of data. I have formulas for 5% increments (0%, 5%,10% etc) I am summing the columns and the column with the highest count is the best rate. Is there a formula in access to scan the columns of data and show the % ( the header). Or is there a better method to do this?
Basically my table is PO number and product family list price and sell price and discount. I am checking to see what % range is the best % rate range.
0 % range is +- 25%. The 5% range would be 5% ( low end 5%*.75 and high end 5% *1.25) and so on. If the discount is within the range return 1 else 0. Then I am summing the column and seeing which rate is best.
I am trying to automate this in access and I do not know if it is possible- the screenshots are in excel.
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Mar 2, 2007
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It might be a little subjective but it looks like you are trying to replicate what you have in Excel in Access. That is not really possible. Access doesn't even have formulas that work with cell addresses and column offsets the way Excel does, and there is no formula to scan a row of headers or any other type of row really.

That said it would be possible to build a tool in Access to do what you want, but it would take some skill with writing queries and possibly setting up some processing driven programmatically or semi-automatically to analyze and report on the data.

More likely however, you would find it more comfortable and easier to work in Excel where you have existing expertise that you can leverage (again, its an assumption but based on the terminology I'm thinking you are probably new to database development and doing this in Access would therefore take a bit of work just learning about how Access works).

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