Formula to keep track of increments in monthly totals


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Jul 9, 2014
Hello Guys!
Hope everyone is doing well...

If possible, I need help with a formula to achieve the following:

I have a report with names and totals per person.
The report will be exported monthly
1st month needs nothing as it is the initial process, however, the 2nd month report will repeat a person's name (and add new ones) but the totals (per line) could be either the same or actually higher.

The question would be, is there a formula to calculate the difference from one month to the other ? (say "X" on the 1st month = 4, 2nd month = 8, difference of 4

Report 1 and report 2 would be merged, showing duplicate lines for a name that repeats. Ideally, it would be amazing if the formula or script could eliminate the lower quantity line (for duplicate values) while keeping the unique or new entries

The formula in question requires 4 conditions, no match new, no match previous, match but value remains the same, match but value increased by this much

1: Everything starts with 2 sets of data, last month and current month merged in one sheet creating the duplicate lines for names that repeat
2: Calculation would need to take place in column "E"
3: Once the formula is applied, I think I can simply remove all duplicate entries and save the data for the next month when it will me merged with the new data
4: And calculations will be done again

This could be a 2 step process, open to any suggestions

Thank you all for your time!


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