Getting data sorted without entering it multiple times


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Dec 16, 2009
I have a sales contest and everybody has a different partner to sell with each week. I want to be able to have a list of names and in each row select who the current partner is and what they and how many they sold (i,e, salad, soda, pizza, dessert.) with their partner. i would like to only enter it in once on a line, but have the same sales info get associated to the other person. Basically if Bill sold 2 salads and a soda and Sara was his partner that week, if I entered in that sales info on billy's line, sara would get that same credit. And on a seperate page I would see both billy and sara as having sold those items as well as what they sold together that week, and what they sold with other people as well.
In sum, after a few weeks of this, I could see a results page for say, sara and it would say a total of 5 sodas sold, 8 salads, 2 pizzas, and 11 desserts, and it would also say sara and billy sold 2 salada and a soda, sara and greg sold 5 desserts and 2 pizzas, sara and max sold 3 sodas and a salad...etc.

The total sales and per person and per team could be gathered on a separate page. I was thinking of drop down lists in each row.
Do this make sense to anybody?



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