Getting #REF! on using indirect function


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Jan 31, 2007
Hi all,
I have a workbook which has a sheet namely "Working". This sheet has in its Column G ranges referring to several other worksheets in the same workbook eg(ABCD!$A$1:$IA$35).
In Column I there is an hlookup throughout which uses the corresponding range present in Column B as the table_array using indirect function for eg(=HLOOKUP($E2,INDIRECT($G2),15,0).
Now my problem is that I am getting the error #REF! for some row-items. All the corresponding worksheets for these row-items are present in the workbook. None of them is hidden or very-hidden.
Any idea why this could be happening? Any help will be highly appreciated !!

Thanks in advance,
Nachiket Pendharkar.

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Aug 21, 2005
examine the range given by the corresponding cell in column G and look for some error values like #N/A or #ref etc..

for e.g check the cells A1 to IA35 in sheet ABCD.


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Jan 31, 2007
Hi Venkat,
Thanks for your reply. Actually the problem was that some of my worksheet names were containing hyphens in between
(eg RA-563!$A$1:$IA$35). So may be excel was considering '563' alone as the worksheet name and hence it was throwing the error.
I solved the problem by putting single inverted commas at the begining and at the end of the worksheet names(eg 'RA-563'!$A$1:$IA$35). Thereafter all the values were displayed.

Thanks anyway for spending your precious time on this !!

Nachiket Pendharkar.

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