Getting sum total based on date input


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Im trying to get the sum total based on the Date input at D3 here is my formula =SUM(INDIRECT("Data!"&ADDRESS(MATCH($C5,Data!B:B,0),MATCH($D$3,Data!$1:$1,0))&":"&ADDRESS(MATCH($C6,Data!B:B,0)-1,MATCH($D$3,Data!$1:$1,0))))

The problem Im facing, in this example, the Data tab is auto pulled from the web and my formula only works if the Date remains on row 1 and the sports remain in column b.
On my actual workbook, the site Im pulling data from, does not allow me to select which part but the whole page, like I normally can with most other sites. The actual data wont fall under these conditions and will in different rows and columns.
Is there another way to do this?



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Hi Gd6noob,
If your data is at a random spot in the sheet, you probably first need a function (or two) to find out where the data starts. You could use a couple of MATCH formulae to e.g. find "Hockey" if that's a good indicator of where your data starts. You could then use that found row/column to build your formula. By the way: the OFFSET formula also allows you to select a region (width & heigth are two parameters).
Generally speaking I would try to build some VBA to pull in the data on a fixed location, that makes life so much easier :).
Hope those pointers help,


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Hi Rijnsent,

The data in the Data tab doesnt always come to a random spot, its in a fixed location further down, row 396, but my formula, for some reason needs to be in this row/column. Ive tried to manipulate it but returns a #N/A error.

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