Give error/msgboxbox if cell hasent had any values for x times when clicking a button


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Is there a good way to make it so that if i click a button, the code will check if a spesific cell has had any values in the last 10 times (10 is just an example), and if it hasent, a error message /msgbox will appear?


Lets say A1 is the cell i want to check, and a button with some code that is going to run if i click it, then lets say if i fill the cell with a value, my normal code will run as normal, but if there has been no entries in that cell for 10 clicks on that button, a message will appear.

Thanks in advance :)


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Try something like this:

Dim x As Long
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    If Range("A1").Value = "" Then x = x + 1 Else x = 0
    If x >= 10 Then MsgBox "It's empty"
End Sub
'Dim x As Long' must be placed at the top of the module.

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