Google Datastudio alternative when using Excel


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Dear all

I'm currently using Google Sheets to manage my stock portfolio. The system is to enter day which is tweaked and analyzed in many ways. To visualize data, current status and that I'm (hopefully) on track I use Google Datastudio.

Actually I would like to move from Google Sheets to Excel but the dashboard via Google Datastudio is essential to me. Anyone knows if I can create a similar dashboard outside Excel? And I love that when doing a change to my Google Sheets files it directly is reflected on the dashboard. The dashboard must not be one a One-drive as it's blocked at by my company firewalls (grrr!). At home I can of course access all sites, but would like to access the dashboard at all times. No need to access the Excel files at work as analyze and update are done when not at company location.

Reason why I want's to move from Google Sheets to Excel: Sheets is slowing down due to size, amount of data and many connections between files, more functionality and finally not part of the Google ad platform.

Thanks for your time - hope I picked the right group for my question.

//Allan, Sweden

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