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Dec 9, 2003
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Just wanted to say Happy Patriot's Day to everyone here. I know we're not all american, but it means different things to different people. To me, it means quite a lot. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I turned on the tv to watch the disasters unfold.

I like to take this day and remember all of the people who lost their lives that day, all the people who went in to the disaster to try and help people, all the family members who have been affected by this event and anybody who has had to endure loss or pain from that day on.

God bless those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and God bless the people of this world.

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God Bless Everyone who perished that day and those who gave so much to try and save anyone they could. My cousin is undergoing surgery today to remove a massive cancerous growth, the result of his having worked the rescue site at ground zero. Ironic huh?

May we never forget!!
As I was doing my cardio this morning, Alan Jackson's Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning came on CMT. Even after five years, that song still makes my eyes well up and my throat constrict. It got me to thinking about that morning. Gabriel had been in kindergarten a little under a month. He's a fifth-grader now. I can remember hearing about the first one announced on the radio as I drove to work when we thought "a small plane has accidentally hit the WTC". I remember it as clearly as I remember putting Gabriel on the bus for the first time. Ariana was just learning to walk. Now she plays "pony" soccer. I can remember watching those towers come down as clearly as I remember her first steps. I thought about all that has happened in my life in these five years; and I thought of all the children who did these same five years of living without Dad or without Mom and I just don't know what to think. But I can thank any vets and any fire fighters, police or EMT's who, every day before, then and since have helped Dads and Moms come home from all sorts of calamities; man-made or not. So if you fall into that category: "thank you"! (y)
Hey Guys

I remember being in my apartment on West 56th at the time (was unable to go to work due to a broken ankle) and hearing of the first plane on a web forum - I couldn't believe it (had a few friends working in the WTC at the time too - so was very worried about them). My office was directly opposite St Paul's chapel on Broadway - so my co-workers could see everything that was happening at the WTC. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones that day.

I remember being numb. Walked into the corner shop to buy a paper before hopping on the train, and there were a bunch of people on TV saying "Is this war?". The paper had a few details but not much -- pretty sketchy because it was too soon -- but when I got to the office people were glued to TV and webcasts as the details poured in. That's pretty well all we did for about a week.

It's unbelievable what people will do to make their point, and it saddens me that so many innocent people died not only on 9/11 but in the aftermath.

My heart goes out to all who suffered loss, and to those who tried to help.


just got this in my mailbox
it was in french
here is my quick translation
if you want to enhance it throw me a PM and I will edit

Before the events of September 11...

After the different "jokes" that one sends oneself to each other to laugh, this is a little different. The goal is not to laugh, this is not funny, the goal is reflection.

The girl of a renowned preacher was interviewed in a talk-show and the animatrice asked:
How God was able to leave such a horror to produce itself? (The events of September 11).

This girl gave an as deep one as shrewd response.
"I believe that God deeply was saddened by all that, at least as much as we, but since years we ask for him go out of our schools, go out of our governments and go out of our lives. As a "gentleman", He calmly withdrew himself. How can we hope that God will give us his blessing and his protection if we insist for that He leaves us alone? ".

Concerning the recent events, terrorist attacks, killings in the schools, wars, etc., I believe that all began with Madeleine Murray o'hare who complained to want no more prayer in the schools. We said YES.

Then another said that we should not read the Bible in school, the same Bible that sign "you will NOT kill, you will NOT steal" and we said YES.

Next, the Dr. Junior Spock said that we should not type our children when they act poorly for their small personality would be distorted and we could impair estimates for them personal. The son of the same doctor unfortunately committed suicide. They say that an expert should know what he's telling us and we said YES.

Now, we wonder why our children have not any conscience, why they do not do the difference between the good and the evil, and why they are able without emotions to kill a foreigner, a parent or themselves.

Probably after some deep reflections, we will come to the conclusion that this has to do with the principle of "to harvest what one sowed"

It is funny to see to which not at all it is simple for the people to throw God and to wonder next why their
world becomes a hell to which not at all let us believe us all that the newspapers say and let us put back in
question all that the Bible says.

It is funny we can send "jokes" by email that shed themselves as a straw fire but when one sends messages about God, the people there think about twice before forwarding them.

It is funny to see that vulgar and obscene items propagate themselves so easily and freely but the public discussions on God are eliminated from schools and businesses.

Do you laugh? It is funny to see that when you will forward this email, you will not send it probably to a lot of people of your notebook of addresss because you do not know in what they believe or what they will think about you.

It is funny to see that we preoccupy more what people think about us than what God thinks about us.

Forward this message if you believe that it some it is worth the pain, otherwise, throw it, nobody will not know it! But if you don't take the time to reflect, do not pity the bad state of the world in which we live!

original text

Avant les événements du 11 septembre ...

Après les différentes « farces » que l'on s'envoie l'un à l'autre pour rire,
ceci est un peu différent. Ça n'a pas pour but de faire rire, ce n'est pas
drôle, son but est de faire réfléchir.

La fille d'un prédicateur réputé a été interviewée dans un talk-show
télévisé et l'animatrice lui a demandé : Comment Dieu a pu laisser une
telle horreur se produire ? (Les événements du 11 septembre).

Cette jeune fille a donné une réponse aussi profonde que perspicace. "Je
crois que Dieu a été profondément attristé par tout ça, au moins autant que
nous, mais depuis des années nous lui demandons de sortir de nos écoles, de
sortir de nos gouvernements et de sortir de nos vies. En tant que
"gentleman", il s'est calmement retiré. Comment pouvons-nous espérer que
Dieu nous donnera sa bénédiction et sa protection si nous insistons pour
qu'il nous laisse seul ? ".

Concernant les récents événements, attaques terroristes, tueries dans les
écoles, guerres, etc., je crois que tout a commencé avec Madeleine Murray
O'Hare qui s'est plainte de ne plus vouloir de prière dans les écoles. Nous
avons dit OUI.

Puis un autre a dit que nous ne devrions pas lire la Bible à l'école, la
même Bible qui enseigne "tu ne tueras point, tu ne voleras point, et
aime-toi toi-même" et nous avons dit OUI.

Ensuite, le Dr. Benjamin Spock a dit que nous ne devrions pas taper nos
enfants quand ils agissent mal car leur petite personnalité serait faussée
et nous pourrions altérer leur estime personnelle. Le fils du même docteur
s'est malheureusement suicidé. Ils disent qu'un expert devrait savoir de
quoi il parle peu importe ce qu'il nous dit et nous avons dit OUI.

Maintenant, nous nous demandons pourquoi nos enfants n'ont pas de
conscience, pourquoi ils ne font pas la différence entre le bien et le mal,
et pourquoi ils peuvent sans émotions tuer un étranger, un parent ou

Probablement qu'à force de profondes réflexions, nous en viendrons à la
conclusion que ça a à voir avec le principe de "récolter ce qu'on a semé"

C'est drôle de voir à quel point il est simple pour les gens de jeter Dieu
et se demander ensuite pourquoi leur monde devient un enfer à quel point
nous croyons tout ce que les journaux disent et remettons en question tout
ce que la Bible dit.

C'est drôle de voir que nous pouvons envoyer de "jokes" par courriel qui se répandent comme un feu de paille mais lorsqu'on envoie des messages à propos de Dieu, les gens y pensent à deux fois avant de les partager.

C'est drôle de voir que des articles impudiques, grossiers, vulgaires et
obscènes se propagent si facilement et librement mais les discussions
publiques sur Dieu sont supprimées des écoles et des entreprises.

Est-ce que vous riez ? C'est drôle de voir que quand vous allez partager ce courriel, vous ne l'enverrez probablement pas à beaucoup de gens de votre carnet d'adresses parce que vous ne savez pas en quoi ils croient ou ce qu'ils penseront de vous.

C'est drôle de voir que nous nous préoccupons plus de ce que les gens
pensent de nous que de ce que Dieu pense de nous.

Partagez ce message si vous croyez qu'il en vaut la peine, sinon, jetez-le,
personne ne le saura ! Mais si vous jetez ce processus de réflexion, ne vous plaignez pas du mauvais état du monde dans lequel nous vivons !


God bless you!

Thanks for the post. There is a lot of truth in those words.


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