Help my PowerView dates, dear God please.


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Jul 10, 2017
I've never found an Excel problem that I couldn't solve by googling... until today. I've googled this problem for 2 hours, and I DID search this forum before posting.

I'm using power pivot with power query, and I have a workbook with more than 30 queries, more than 5 million lines of data. In this spreadsheet, the Date column automatically groups: Powerview lists 4 different fields like this:
Date (Month)
Date (Quarter)
Date (Year)

These columns don't appear in my data table, but they appear in PowerView. It is great and perfect.

Today, I'm trying to make a Power View with a table with only 100 rows, and Power View won't group my dates like it did in the other workbook. I can't figure out how to fix it, and I can't find anything online. I'm desperate! Has anyone had/fixed this problem?

I'm using Excel 2016. Am going to get Power BI desktop soon, which I'm hoping will solve some of my problems, but I'd really like to solve this in Excel.

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Jul 10, 2017
(1) The two workbooks I mentioned are totally unrelated. I was jsut pointing out that the complex one works perfectly fine, while the simple one doesn't.
(2) I know how to use Power Query to extract new Date columns, but doing this makes my data messy, and I don't want a work-around. I want to let the program work the way it is designed to.

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