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Mar 19, 2005
Hi, I don't really know if this is right the place to ask this question, but as this forum has never failed me, I'm going to try anyway.

At work they mantain a "Database" of quotations we make to clients...this is a 1100 page Word file that has quotations made in the last 2 years or so. As you can imagine, this is highly unpractical, cause when a new quotation needs to be made the person in charge has to go over the word file, find a similar quotation, copy-paste it, and then modify it to fit the new job.

Because the format has always been copied and pasted, it is very standard, so I thought a good aproach would be to search through it and export to a table (in excel, or access) the relevant "fields", such as product name, date and quoted price.

Do you think this is possible? where can i get some help in developing a macro or something that would somehow help me scan through the document? I'm I completely crazy?

Thank you very much,

Juan Daniel Serrano
Bogotá, Colombia

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