Help with Cell reference and updating in VBA


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Apr 3, 2018
Hello Everyone. I am a little stuck on what is probably a very simple piece of code, but y'all know how it goes when its the end of the day and your brain is mush.:)

If there is already a post that has an answer similar to what i am looking for please let me know.

Cells and Values for Reference:
Column AColumn B
[Any Real Number]


Description of what I need to happen:
  1. On Workbook open check to see if a cell on a certain sheet has a value if it does exit sub. (This part I know how to do and have set up).
  2. If the cell in step number 1 has no value then proceed with the following:
  3. Look for the first empty cell in Column B.
  4. when it finds the first empty cell in Column B the code grabs the number from Column A and places that number into UserForm Textbox when the Userform is activated.
  5. After the code places that number from column A into the Userform the code would then move down one row and add a specified numeric value to the previous cell in Column A.
  6. End Sub

Thank you all for your assistance with this.

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