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Nov 11, 2013
Hi everyone,

I had an excel file that is shared over the network and only two people can access it. So every changes made from that file will automatically update and everytime each user will open the file, they should see same design, and data. Computer A is using Office 2007 and Computer B is using a 2010 version. The file was originally created in an Office 2003 and it was saved with the file extension as .xls. The file contains a hidden cells (rows & columns), but one day Computer A find out that the hidden cells were already unhidden when it open the file on her computer who is using a 2007 ms office applications. But in computer B, everything is fine, the hidden cells are still hidden. How does it happened? Btw, the file is located on Computer B's hard drive. I try to copy the file to the usb and open it in my laptop which is using MS Office 2013. As I was expecting that the hidden cells will still be hidden, it shocks me because same output came out that the hidden cells are already shown. Can you help me figure out what's happening with the file? Computer A & B are both windows 7 and are located in the same network.

Advanced thank you to all who will help me out.

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