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Mar 22, 2019
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I have the following table below. I need to sum the Price if Ship Date is greater than the first of the year, AND less than today AND if Name is either Ethan, Jon, or Mike. How can I sum that? The only formula I could come up with can only extract one name.

VBA Code:
=SUMIFS(Table1[Price],Table1[Ship Date],"<"&TODAY(),Table1[Ship Date],">"&DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),1,1),Table1[Name],"=Ethan")

Part NumberShip DateNamePrice
Part Number 12312/20/2020Ethan$ 55.00
Part Number 45612/21/2020Jon$ 110.00
Part Number 78912/22/2020Mike$ 130.00
Part Number 112212/23/2020Mike$ 150.00
Part Number 145512/24/2020Mike$ 170.00
Part Number 178812/25/2020Jon$ 190.00
Part Number 212112/26/2020Jon$ 210.00
Part Number 245412/27/2020Ethan$ 230.00
Part Number 278712/28/2020Emily$ 250.00
Part Number 312012/29/2020Emily$ 270.00
Part Number 345312/30/2020Emily$ 290.00
Part Number 378612/31/2020Jill$ 310.00
Part Number 41191/1/2021Emily$ 330.00
Part Number 44521/2/2021Emily$ 350.00
Part Number 47851/3/2021Mike$ 370.00
Part Number 51181/4/2021Mike$ 390.00
Part Number 54511/5/2021Jon$ 410.00
Part Number 57841/6/2021Emily$ 430.00
Part Number 61171/7/2021Jon$ 450.00
Part Number 64501/8/2021Ethan$ 470.00
Part Number 67831/9/2021Emily$ 490.00
Part Number 71161/10/2021Jon$ 510.00
Part Number 74491/11/2021Jon$ 530.00
Part Number 77821/12/2021Emily$ 550.00
Part Number 81151/13/2021Ethan$ 570.00
Part Number 84481/14/2021Ethan$ 590.00
Part Number 87811/15/2021Emily$ 610.00
Part Number 91141/16/2021Emily$ 630.00
Part Number 94471/17/2021Ethan$ 650.00
Part Number 97801/18/2021Ethan$ 670.00
Part Number 101131/19/2021Ethan$ 690.00
Part Number 104461/20/2021Emily$ 710.00
Part Number 107791/21/2021Emily$ 730.00
Part Number 111121/22/2021Jon$ 750.00
Part Number 114451/23/2021Emily$ 770.00
Part Number 117781/24/2021Jon$ 790.00
Part Number 121111/25/2021Jon$ 810.00
Part Number 124441/26/2021Jon$ 830.00
Part Number 127771/27/2021Jon$ 850.00
Part Number 131101/28/2021Emily$ 870.00
Part Number 134431/29/2021Jill$ 890.00
Part Number 137761/30/2021Jill$ 910.00
Part Number 141091/31/2021Emily$ 930.00
Part Number 144422/1/2021Emily$ 950.00
Part Number 147752/2/2021Mike$ 970.00
Part Number 151082/3/2021Mike$ 990.00
Part Number 154412/4/2021Mike$ 1,010.00
Part Number 157742/5/2021Emily$ 1,030.00
Part Number 161072/6/2021Emily$ 1,050.00
Part Number 164402/7/2021Emily$ 1,070.00
Part Number 167732/8/2021Emily$ 1,090.00
Part Number 171062/9/2021Emily$ 1,110.00
Part Number 174392/10/2021Emily$ 1,130.00
Part Number 177722/11/2021Emily$ 1,150.00
Part Number 181052/12/2021Emily$ 1,170.00
Part Number 184382/13/2021Emily$ 1,190.00
Part Number 187712/14/2021Mike$ 1,210.00
Part Number 191042/15/2021Jill$ 1,230.00
Part Number 194372/16/2021Emily$ 1,250.00
Part Number 197702/17/2021Emily$ 1,270.00
Part Number 201032/18/2021Ethan$ 1,290.00
Part Number 204362/19/2021Ethan$ 1,310.00
Part Number 207692/20/2021Ethan$ 1,330.00
Part Number 211022/21/2021Ethan$ 1,350.00
Part Number 214352/22/2021Ethan$ 1,370.00
Part Number 217682/23/2021Ethan$ 1,390.00
Part Number 221012/24/2021Emily$ 1,410.00
Part Number 224342/25/2021Emily$ 1,430.00
Part Number 227672/26/2021Emily$ 1,450.00
Part Number 231002/27/2021Emily$ 1,470.00
Part Number 234332/28/2021Jill$ 1,490.00
Part Number 237663/1/2021Jill$ 1,510.00
Part Number 240993/2/2021Jill$ 1,530.00
Part Number 244323/3/2021Jill$ 1,550.00
Part Number 247653/4/2021Emily$ 1,570.00
Part Number 250983/5/2021Emily$ 1,590.00
Part Number 254313/6/2021Mike$ 1,610.00
Part Number 257643/7/2021Emily$ 1,630.00
Part Number 260973/8/2021Emily$ 1,650.00
Part Number 264303/9/2021Emily$ 1,670.00
Part Number 267633/10/2021Emily$ 1,690.00
Part Number 270963/11/2021Emily$ 1,710.00
Part Number 274293/12/2021Emily$ 1,730.00
Part Number 277623/13/2021Emily$ 1,750.00
Part Number 280953/14/2021Emily$ 1,770.00
Part Number 284283/15/2021Emily$ 1,790.00
Part Number 287613/16/2021Emily$ 1,810.00
Part Number 290943/17/2021Emily$ 1,830.00
Part Number 294273/18/2021Emily$ 1,850.00
Part Number 297603/19/2021Emily$ 1,870.00
Part Number 300933/20/2021Mike$ 1,890.00
Part Number 304263/21/2021Emily$ 1,910.00
Part Number 307593/22/2021Emily$ 1,930.00
Part Number 310923/23/2021Emily$ 1,950.00
Part Number 314253/24/2021Emily$ 1,970.00
Part Number 317583/25/2021Emily$ 1,990.00
Part Number 320913/26/2021Mike$ 2,010.00
Part Number 324243/27/2021Emily$ 2,030.00
Part Number 327573/28/2021Emily$ 2,050.00
Part Number 330903/29/2021Emily$ 2,070.00
Part Number 334233/30/2021Emily$ 2,090.00

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Mar 22, 2019
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=SUM(SUMIFS(Table1[Price],Table1[Ship Date],"<"&TODAY(),Table1[Ship Date],">"&DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),1,1),Table1[Name],"="&{"Ethan","Mike","Jon"}))


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Oct 24, 2012
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=SUM(SUMIFS(Table1[Price],Table1[Ship Date],"<"&TODAY(),Table1[Ship Date],">"&DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),1,1),Table1[Name],"{"Ethan","Jon","Mike"}))

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