How to Consolidate large Qty of unique numbers w/ matching criteria into fewer numbers


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May 24, 2016
Good morning all,

I am reaching out to the community for some assistance or guidance in regards to a fairly lengthy, involved document that I am working on. I have used this forum countless times and have found it to be a great source.

I am self taught and this is my first post, so please be kind! I hope that I have detailed my predicament satisfactorily.

I know that there is a quicker, more efficient method than what I am doing.

Here is a breakdown of the of the task and attached is an example of the spreadsheet involved. This is related to retail and SKU #’s or “Stock Numbers”. I will refer to said stock numbers as “Style ID” as that is how they are represented on the spread sheet

After an amount of time it becomes necessary for my company (we are a very large company) to do some house cleaning in regards to the number of SKU’s that exist within our system. All goods that we sell have an eight (8) digit code (can include zero’s) associated with them that we refer to as a “Style ID”. Each Style ID falls under a “Sub Class” which falls under a “Class” that is under the Department.

Here is an example of the structure:
Dept. ID
Class ID: 08
Sub Class ID: 8001
Style ID: 00000367

Within the Style ID there are a number of other Key “parameters” or “conditions” such as size range, pack quantities, and price.

Style ID: 00000367
Size Range ID: 000
Inner Pack Qty: 2
Perm Retail Price: 2.49

Here is an example scenario:

Lets say that I have one hundred (100) styles that are all within Department: 01 Class: 80 and Sub Class: 8001.
Each style has a set of varying parameters (Size, Pack Qty, Price) within as stated above. My goal is to “merge” or “consolidate” these into as few numbers as possible. The key is that the parameters of the “From” Style and “To” Style MUST match. There may be cases where a number has no match and therefore is standalone. In other cases there may be any given amount, it could be ten (10) to one-hundred plus (100+) styles that could possibly be consolidated into a single Style ID.

Attached is what I have so far. I cant add a document so I included an image link. The first list is the Raw Data (Blue). The second list is where I am at presently (Green) and you can see that I have indeed identified the “From” and “To” numbers, but how I there seems far too involved and overly complicated.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

What I do is take the original list and throw it into Power Query. I then Sort in this order:

1.) Department ID
2.) Class ID
3.) Subclass ID
4.) Size Range ID
5.) Inner Pack ID
6.) Perm Retail Price

I then add add 3, 4, 5, and 6 parameters together and multiply by the inner pack (I do not include the Style ID) to create a unique number for my identifier (I know there has to be a better way). I then do a countif to find my first instance, which I designate as the “To” style. I then have more IF’s so that each style that falls below the To style on my list is added under “To” style in a neighboring column. So, in the end I may be able to push something like three-thousand (3000) Style ID’s into two-hundred fifty (250) or one hundred thirty-five (it varies) Style ID’s. it basically ends up looking something like this:

To me this seems far too involved an convoluted. We usually do this quarterly and it is very time consuming, so you can see why any help I can get simplifying this process would be amazing. In the end I would love to create a working copy and paste template with just a couple macros if necessary.

I have an example document if needed.

Thank you in advance!!!

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