How to create a table to show age by day?


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Oct 28, 2016
I would like to know of the "Open Cases", can we build something to show an age profile similar to something like "1-3 Days", "4-7 Days" "8-11 Days" etc.

For this I would like to be able to see by Group, which can be looked up in the table from the "Created By" (Column I) name. The "Created By" name in Column I may be blank if it was an "email received" from a customer rather than an "internal case", so will need to factor that in. Ideally something that will let me analyse similar to a pivot table, with a graph included as a bonus.

I have included a table template and would appreciate the help!

EmailCustomer No StatusProjectMedia TypeVisibiltySubjectDescriptionCreated ByCreated Date Assigned To Assigned Date Closed ByClosed DateLast Activity Number of AttatchementsNumber of Follow Ups CodeEmail DirectionDays to CompleteDays since Last ActivityDepartment
man@imail.com957801 ClosedDefaultEmailInternalRE: Your QuoteText about a random quote to a customerCustomer (John Smith)10/08/16 David Davies10/08/16 Tony Stark11/08/1611/08/16 10 QuoteOutbound Mail to Customer180 Back Office
theman@imail.com967802 ClosedDefaultEmailInternalSystem IssuesText about a random system issueCustomer (Alan Roberts)15/08/16 Peter Parker15/08/16 Chris Martin15/08/1615/08/1600 BillingOutbound Mail to Customer076 SME
mantheman@imail.com977803 OpenDefaultEmailInternalSystem IssuesText about a random system issueAJ Mike20/08/16 Tony Stark20/08/1610/10/1601 NullOutbound Mail to Customer-4260220 Back Office
987804 ClosedDefaultEmailInternalRandom text about Random stuffCustomer (Sue Highway)10/09/16 Elena Michael15/09/16Elena Michael10/10/1610/10/1603 BillingOutbound Mail to Customer3020 Sales
daman@imail.com997805 OpenDefaultEmailInternalWhat happened today?Random text about office gossipSteve Kelly15/09/160 NullOutbound Mail to Customer-4262842673 Customer
zaman@imail.com1007806 OpenDefaultEmailInternalWelcome!Text to welcome a random customerAutomail20/09/161 NullOutbound Mail to Customer-4263342673 Customer
1017807 ClosedDefaultEmailInternalFW:A forwarded email with no real subjectDev Patel25/09/16 Bruce Wayne25/09/16 John Smith05/10/1610 SalesOutbound Mail to Customer1042673 Complaints
1027808 OpenDefaultEmailInternalSystem IssuesText about a random system issue10/10/16 Michael Owen10/10/1620/10/1602 Billing-4265310 Front Office
Michael Drewsbury1037809 ClosedDefaultEmailInternalCopy of SalesText with a file included on forecasted salesHelly Hansen15/10/16 Kelly Smith15/10/16 John Smith25/10/1625/10/1621 SalesOutbound Mail to Customer105 Front Office


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