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Aug 31, 2005
Hello all !

I am kinda new to access and made a transport database but it needs some changes which are out of my knowledege so i am hoping that you guys can help me out. There are the 2 things that i would like to do in my forms:

1=, I have a form where all the new cars are added to DB. Fields are Vehicle Code, Type, Brand, Model and Model year. Then I have a transaction form where vehicles are either assigned to employees or to garage etc.. What i would like to do in this form is that when i select a Vehicle Code, the remaining fields i.e. Type, Brand, Model and Model year of that partcular Vehicle Code should appear in thier respective fields of the transaction form.

2=, Now a little difficult part, in the same transaction form i want a field where the name of the current username appears and also a field with current date.

Now moving on to Transaction Type thingy. I want to two options button ( Issue Vehicle and Cancel Vehicle). If option " Issue Vehicle" is selected, a field i.e. a combo box consisting of To Employee and To Garage appears. And then when "To Employee" is selected two fields i.e. Employee No. and Name appear in a kind of frame.( data of both these fields are in other table and will appear in combox boxes). When "To Garage" is selected a field "reason" appear in a frame in place of above stated two fields.

I hope i am making some sense. I know i have to make a table for all these fields but dunno how to do all these things in forms..

Looking forward to your replies and thanks in advance.

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