How to fix Firefox Compatability Issues


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Since vBulliten was programmed with Internet Explorer in mind, the forums here do not play too well with Mozilla Firefox (which many prefer over the bulky and insecure IE). Common problems one might run into when using Mozilla Firefox is tables don't copy/paste properly into Excel; when copying code from the boards and pasting into a new post, Firefox tends to paste it wrong; and other general alignment issues.

Fear not! There is a nice add-on for Firefox called "IE Tab 2". This allows you to force the Internet Explorer engine onto any website you want (both manually and automatically).

Here's how to get this add-on, and how to get it to work for the MrExcel forums:
  1. Navigate to the IE Tab 2 Download Page
  2. Press the "Add to Firefox Button", and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. After it is installed, you will be prompted to restart Firefox. Do so.
  4. Once Firefox is restarted, go to Tools>Add-Ons (CTRL+SHIFT+A)
  5. In the Add-ons Manager, go to the "Extensions" tab, and locate "IE Tab 2 (FF 3.6+)" (Note: Your version may be newer)
  6. Select this Add-on and choose "Options"
  7. Under the "Sites Filter" tab, enter "*" into the URL field:
  8. Press "Add", then "Apply", then "OK"
Now, whenever you navigate to any website with the prefix "", the website will automatically switch to the Internet Explorer engine. The only noticable difference you will see is that the icon in the webpage tab will be an Internet Explorer icon rather than a Firefox icon, however the webpage will function as if you ran it directly in Internet Explorer!

I hope this helps everyone who, like me, enjoy the speed and security of Firefox over Internet Explorer!
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Another couple noticable differences you may see is that you cannot CTRL+TAB to switch between tabs, and you cannot CTRL+CLICK or MIDDLE-CLICK to open a link in a new tab. To open a link in a new tab, you must right click on the link and "Open In New Window". This will create a new tab for the link instead of another instance of Firefox. Note, when you "Open In New Window", the link you navigate to will run under the Internet Explorer engine.

If you wish to switch back to Firefox at any time (even on a filtered webpage), you can RIGHT-CLICK on the tab and choose "Switch rendering engine".

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It also doesn't take any settings saved in FF (passwords etc.)


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Hello all,
I have to ask a question about the issue I'm having with viewing posts of others which contain the HTMLmaker. As you know, the cells within the mini-spreadsheet contain hyperlinks, which I'm under the impression you can click on them to view the contents of the cell. Is that still accurate?

I have literally tried viewing the same thread (which I believe to contain the answer I need! lol) with three different browsers on this laptop, and I've also attempted to click on the same hyperlinks with Firefox on two other laptops in my home.

I saw no relevant threads on this forum regarding this, but a simple internet search yields three viable solutions (which work for some people who posted their thanks). None of these helped to load the page.

So, here is the error: "URL is not valid and cannot be loaded" (if it helps it is in this thread - but seems to be all threads). I bet it will load just fine at work, oddly enough! But come to think of it, I may have already tried viewing one.

Could my IP have anything to do with it, or my D-Link router? I don't think it would be my noscript or adblock plus add-ons in FF. I've also disabled pop-up blocker for each browser I've tried.


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I forgot to add that I've also ensured my Java is enabled. It looks like the hyperlinks within the HTML Maker cells reference a webpage that should be loading? When I hover my mouse over it, the address preview reads:
... for all the hyperlinks within the table.

Is this a question for this section of the boards, or is it something support related?

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