How to populate template with data from Excel Text file?


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Jun 28, 2005
I receive an excel text files from customer. The file contains the buyer’s information’s such as Contact (Name, Email, Tel, etc), the Order Number, Order Date, and the detail about the Order. The Order format is as follows: Quantity, Part No., and Part Description. Please note that they don’t come in any pre-defined order. Contact information’s are Col A and Col B. Col A has fields such as First Name, Last Name, Tel, Email, etc and the Col B has the corresponding fields for Col A. Now, I have a template that I need all the information to import into. Copy and Paste just won’t cut it as the data are big and there are many of this kind that I receive. Can you please help me to write a code/formula that looks for all these information in my Template and automatically populates it so that it saves my boat load of time? For you convenience, I am attaching a sample file. Sheet1 shows the text file I receive and Sheet2 shows the template I have. I appreciate you reading this and trying to help me with it. I really appreciate it.

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