How to use shrink to fit in a text within a cell which has more one line?


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Apr 19, 2019
Hello every one
Thanks for accepting me in your respectful forum.
I want to merge the contents of several cells in one in way like that :
Range("b1")= Range("a1") & Chr(10) & Range("a2")
But I want to determine the font size for every line to be equal one in the original cell after SHRINK TO FIT.
How can to get the font size after shrinking?
In the other words how to use SHRINK TO FIT with text in a cell that has several line? ( I can say combine shrink to fit and wrap text).

I have a sheet to print name tags and save them in another sheet in the same file.
The name tag (badge) has four line, so I make the data entry record the data in four cells and press a button to concatenate the contents of all cells in new one which I set its dimension to fit the badge size.
But I found setting the size of lines is pain in the neck, I try that by combine IF and LEN and FONTSIZE for every line.
I tried use the shrink to fit for the lines but that isn't possible because the shrink to fit is property of range not text.
So I thought to get the size of text in the original cells after shrinking then use the value in the macro to determine the font size in the new cell.

Thanks again.

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