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Mar 8, 2019
Hi all:

I know there is a way to do this I am just having no lucky getting there. I have a a column that contains work order numbers. The work order numbers and all pertinent detail associated with it are imported in daily. In my last column I have a hyperlink that populates each line to its PDF file. The PDF files are saved on the drive with the same number of the WO number so it's the same value.

I am recording hundreds of work orders a month and modifying the hyperlink for each row is extremely time consuming.

Is there a way to write the formula so that if I just drag it down from the row above it'll modify itself to match the work order number on that row.

My Work Order numbers are imported into the G column. The table below is essentially what it looks like and thats the current hyperlink formula I'm using. I manually change the red numbers to match the WO number for each transaction.

Pdf are filed under W:\WORK ORDERS\LTW\LTW 18

45000600LTWPMIX3/8/19=+HYPERLINK("LTW\LTW 18\45000.pdf",G3000)
45001601LTWPMIX3/8/19=+HYPERLINK("LTW\LTW 18\45001.pdf",G3001)


I've attempted to this use formula based on other recommendations I found: =+HYPERLINK("LTW\LTW 18"& G3000 &".pdf]",G3000). It doesn't throw any errors it just doesn't open the file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am spending way to much time on this.

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Jerry Sullivan

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Mar 18, 2010
Welcome to MrExcel,

It looks like you are missing a backslash after LTW 18 in the formula you attempted...

=HYPERLINK("LTW\LTW 18\"& G3000 &".pdf]",G3000)

Also, you might consider adding the full path including the Drive unless you expect to port the file to a different path that starts with the folder LTW\

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