I need a formula to check for duplicate values across a 10 day period


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Aug 18, 2015
I have a workbook that analyzes 3-5 years worth of bank information, I need to identify when money is being transferred from one account to another.

IE. I move $10.00 out of account A and put it into account B.

Currently I have a formula that will Identify duplicates that occur on the same day, but sometimes bank delays occur and that same transfer will happen anywhere from 2 to 10 days after.

Here is a sample of the applicable categories in my workbook
Account #DateDebitsCreditsRunning TotalTransaction DescriptionTransfer?
A2020-01-0110.00010.00Cash DepositCheck for Transfer
B2020-01-01010.000.00Cash WithdrawalCheck for Transfer
D2020-01-10015.0050.00Payment Thank you

My current formula in use is a combination of two hidden cells. The first creates a unique ID by adding the absolute value of the Debits and Credits Column to the Date to create a unique ID
The second formula then scans all of the Unique ID's for any matches. Which would likely be a transfer (not always the case). If it finds a matching ID in it's respective column then it will return a "check for Transfer" in it's cell.

So the formula would catch the transfer from account A to account B but would miss the transfer from account C to account D

I'd love to have some formula or method to identify both potential transfers that are occurring.

Thanks in advance

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