I need help with radion buttons!


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Jul 7, 2005
I need to create a ferformance appraisal document for my company which covers many areas.

is basically 4 worksheets long.

each work sheet concists of the following criteria.



( ) Faithfulness in coming to work daily and conforming to scheduled work hours.
(*) Always regular and prompt, perfect attendance, absent only in rare emergency. Score: 7
( ) Very prompt and regular in attendance, above average, pre-planned absences.
( ) Usually present and on time, normally pre-planned absences.
( ) Lax in attendance and/or reporting on time, improvement needed to meet required standards.
( ) Often absent without sufficient reason and/or frequently reports to work late or leaves early.


( ) Dedication to following Company safety policies and procedures.
( ) Always follows safety policies and procedures, no accidents or safety violations.
( ) Frequently follows safety policies and procedures, one accident or safety violation.
(*) Usually follows safety policies and procedures, two accidents or safety violations. Score: 5
( ) Lax in adhering to safety policies and procedures, three accidents or safety violations.
( ) Does not follow safety policies and procedures, four or more accidents or safety violations.

Each of the score or grading categories has a radio button in this sample illustrated by a ( ) here. and whichever radio button is selected must prompt you to enter a score # 1 - 9
if one radio button is selected, and later on changed and another one selected, I need it to propt to a score for the selected radio button and clear the score for the prior one.

I also need it to allow me to have separate radio button groups for each grading category, as illustrated above. I think I have about 20 or more radio button groups total in my 4 work sheets.

Right now: I have all of them with radion buttons, but. when I click on one it selects it, and deselects the prior one. And It does not allow me to select another one in another group, withot deselecting the prior one.

Also. I have not been able to figure it out in to automatically taking my to the score column when I select one of the radio buttons.

Basically: I am trying to generate many grading categories, which will contain a set of radio buttons for each grading category. A radio button category for each section, which would be independent of each other radio button gruop. And when I select one button in each category... It should allow me to place a score in a selected or specified column. And If I change my grade option, it shoud automatically erase the prior score in another grade line and replace it with a new score in whatever line I am selecting or working on.

Any ideas or assistant with this project would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 20, 2002
If you created the options buttons from the forms toolbar, try putting a group box (in the FORMS toolbar) around the ones you want to group.

If you created the options buttons from the control toolbox toolbar, set option buttons in the same group to the same groupname (in properties when you right click on an option button)


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Jul 7, 2005
You have to excuse me! I am such an ignorant individual...

What do you mean by

Forms Toolbar and Control Toolbox Toolbar?

What is the difference between the two? and How do I tell which one I am using??


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