I want to learn VBA


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Apr 24, 2002
Hi there,

I am from Scotland and I have recently developed an interest for VBA and I would like to go on a course to learn how to improve my knowledge/skill.

At the moment I have a book by WROX and this wonderful website to help me. But all I am doing is stealing lines of code and eventually getting them to do what I want. I would love to be able to actually provide answers to people looking for help.

If anyone knows of a UK based course please let me know.


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Welcome to the board (from a newbie to another) :)

A good way of learning VBA is to try solve questions on this board as well as in others communities.

Search the archieves for specific issues.

Compare Your own results with the "experts" and if something is unclear ask a question in the same thread.

"There are no stupid questions but several stupid answers!"

Kind regards,
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Hi in Jack in the UK south london, Brixton Colledge runs no VBA by does VB6, so why do i say that when your in Scotland some billion miles north, I have never found any VBA coledge its just not covered but VB is, VB is a higher crounding to VBA but VBA is they flash stuff, however VB will do all VBA can, So VB would be worth and put you miles ahead in real terms, many VBA posters are just that or other types of programming VBA allows self style so you can ride the bike as you want more of less.

I can not find VBA cource in the south, not checked north. Some special centers will but its #250 gbp a day ??? or 2500 gbp from term this wil lbe one on one or very small group like 3 max, just not the guys doing it.

If you want on line vba thats different i know a few who do this and they are on this site check my old mate Dave Hawley http://www.ozgrid.com in western australia, he has a few you can do, ive never seen them and not just as dave is a pal, but i know his work, DAM FINE, search his work if you like and see.

There you go! if you do fine VBA cource please let me know ive many guys intrested.

As my friend point out this board is better than you will beleive but it take ages, my VBA is vey strange to read, my way, self taught and very poor really, follow guys work and read and read the posts and try to answer them. ask as many questions you need tahts why the sight is here, enjoy it

I double Dennis comments the questions i dont care about - the answers do freek me out, and all i ask is polite and help, litle else counts at the end of the day,m bar us reguals monkey-ing arround some days!!

Stick where you are, best call of the day
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Thanks Guys,

I think I'll stick with this site for the time being. Even as a beginner I have noticed that there are lots of very knowledgable people here willing to offer advice. Some of the formulas I have seen are amazing.

Thanks again

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tsmart, what I found helpfull in learning is pick a project, anything, then start thinking how you want it to work, then, using this forum, take it one step at a time, learn some of the basics, then just keep building until that project is done. Takes time, but well worth it. Good luck from one newby to another
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If you are really keen to take a VB course there is a company called Learning Tree International that runs a hands on Visual Basic course...and has offices in Edinburgh and London.
Phone free 0800 282 353 or visit http://www.learningtree.co.uk

Not exactly cheap but discounts if you do more than one course.....
Alternatively persuade your company that it would be a good idea for you to take this course..

Hope this helps

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