If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...

Greg Truby

MrExcel MVP
Jun 19, 2002
If you have ever done any serious VBA programming in Excel, then it's almost a lock that at some point you found yourself at an impasse, did a search and found yourself visiting www.cpearson.com where you found a well-documented and well-explained solution to the problem that had been vexing you.

Needless to say I was gobsmacked when Bill e-mailed me and asked me if I'd heard about Chip's accident. I was heartbroken when I followed the link to Chip's obituary in the Kansas City Star and learned what had happened.

Even though I'd never met Chip's parents, I decided to call Stanley Pearson, Chip's father, (like Chip, I too call Kansas City home) and express condolences to his family on behalf of Excel users worldwide. I told them that Chip had helped hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people all over the globe. While they knew Chip was a Microsoft Excel MVP, I don't think they had a real appreciation for just what a titan Chip was in the Excel world; which is why Mrs. Pearson had Chip's website taken down after his death. When I learned that Chip's site had been turned off, I called them again. I explained to Mrs. Pearson just how incredibly important Chip's website was in the eyes of hardcore Excel users worldwide. And I asked if I could pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top, get her and Stanley's blessing to see about getting Chip's site restored and back online. I am tickled pink to report that she said that yes, she and Mr. Pearson would be happy to restore it.

This week I have been working with Chip's hosting company and his domain registrar to get those accounts transferred over to Mrs. Pearson's control so she can get the site back up and running. I think we're almost there. So if you've tried his site and haven't gotten in, please keep trying. Hopefully we'll get it back online in the coming days.

And - as if every Mr. Excel board member didn't already have enough to thank Bill for - we have yet another reason to thank Mr. Jelen: for he offered to cover the expense of having Chip's hosting company hunt down all of Chip's files and restore them from backups! Bill is truly one of the best people I know.

Chip's site was always free for the world to use. But, if you used it, here's my request for a "donation" from you. In a few days' time I would like to e-mail a link to this thread to Mr. and Mrs. Pearson so they can see just how far-reaching their son's site was in helping people. So if you owe Chip Pearson a debt of gratitude, here's your chance to thank his folks for raising such a tremendous man.

Active Link to Chip's Archives: CPearson.com Topic Index
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Feb 26, 2007
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearson,
Chip's help through his website was invaluable resource for me. I have been using excel for many years, but whenever I have had an issue, I always checked Chip's site first. Thank you for restoring that site. My condolences on the tragic and sudden death of Chip. He will be sorely missed by the entire Excel community.

Alan Sidman


MrExcel MVP, Moderator
May 28, 2005
Office Version
Chip's website is near the very top of my Favourites for Excel and gets regular use & I often refer others to it.
I was very sorry to hear of Chip's untimely passing, but if his website can be restored it will be a lasting tribute to him within the Excel community world-wide, including way over here in Australia.
Thank you very much to Mr & Mrs Pearson, Bill Jelen, Greg Truby and anybody else helping towards restoring the value of all the work Chip did on providing Excel knowledge to the world!


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Nov 12, 2010
Office Version
365, 2010
Windows, Mobile
I can't agree more, through his site Chip has touched most of us who tinker (in my case) with Excel.
The site he created was one of my go to reference sites and I will always appreciate the work he put into it.
His passing is a great loss to the Excel world

I am afraid I can't improve on the statement Peter has at the end of his post so here it is again...

Thank you very much to Mr & Mrs Pearson, Bill Jelen, Greg Truby and anybody else helping towards restoring the value of all the work Chip did on providing Excel knowledge to the world!


New Member
Aug 3, 2016
Please, Please, Please,

Find and restore CPearson site. I have used it as a link to answer hundreds of Excel Questions. His page explaining Scope of Modules was one of my favorites and helped others understand the difference between a sheet module and a general module. Chip had an extensive index of Excel topics that was extremely useful in understanding and explaining how Excel works.

I am so sorry for his loss and want others to continue to appreciate all the effort he put into his excellent work.

Is there anything we can do to get his site running again?

Marvin Parsons


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Jan 5, 2014
I have been saddened to learn of Chip Pearson's passing. Mr. Pearson's website has been a landmark reference for me. I admired his willingness to share his knowledge. Chip Pearson writings and example code gave clear and thorough explanations, helping to guide and teach me. He is missed.


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Nov 10, 2016
It's a marvel of the World Wide Web that an individual can create a website that can affect thousands (and even millions) of people from all over the world. Chip created one that was so filled with useful information and helpful that it has become ubiquitous among us Excel-philes. In fact, every Excel forum that I have ever visited has had many threads that have quoted and referenced Chip's encyclopedic online collection.

I have not only used some of Chip's code in many of my projects, but have used his site to pat myself on the back from time-to-time. Let me explain: Being a self-taught programmer, I am sometimes filled with doubt about the efficiency of my code. So, there have been times that I have wandered over to Chip's site, searched for a specific bit of code, and, upon finding that it was very close to my own, exclaimed, "Aha! I must be doing something right...even Chip is doing it this way!" What greater ego-boost exists than to match aptitude with a genius? Alas, I am not a genius, so for those times when our skills did not match up, I was able to learn from Chip and improve my code accordingly.

Chip Pearson, his knowledge and his selflessness will be missed. Thank you in advance to all who are putting in the effort to having this great resource restored so that his contribution to this community will live on.

Best Regards,



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Nov 1, 2013
Chip Pearson's site was always a great help for me.
My condolencies to his parents

Marcelo Branco

MrExcel MVP
Aug 23, 2010
I've learned a lot with Chip Pearson's website. And I often referred to his site when answering questions here on the forum.
His passing is a great loss to the Excel world. My condolences to his parents


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