If Chip Pearson's website ever helped you, please jot a note...

Vince Feminella

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[FONT=&quot]After 20 years away from coding in Visual Basic 6. I began developing Excel .Dll libraries for a new project. I realized how rusty my skills had become until I found Chip's website. This morning while searching for more of Chip's work I read about his passing. My heartfelt condolences to Chip's parents. I hope you find comfort knowing his contributions have helped myself and so many others like me. [/FONT]


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I have visited many excel websites, I do remember help from chips's website, reading through some things that have helped.


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Of all the many resources I have used over the years, Chip's is by far the best. Early on in my career his site literally inspired me with the tantalizing possibilities of what Excel is capable of power that I did not know existed under the hood. It remains my goto resource when I am stuck, and also when I am training others, as his documentation exceeds what I could bring the table.


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Extremely sad news ...:(

Chip's site remains an invaluable resource ... and an outstanding library for anybody who wants to learn and dig further into Excel's intricacies ...

Chip had this unique talent of
demystifying all the amazing features and possibilities offered by Excel ...!!!

And I still remember a few instances where he took the time to answer my emails for some very specific questions ...

Many people will continue ... for a long time to go ... to rely on his exceptional expertise ...!!!



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Dear All,

He had God gifted power to viewing things regarding Excel.
Seems God gift this person to this Excel's world like a Excel's Magician
Who always try to realize & teach users how to understand Excel.

I think , like him, never been happen again.

Feel sad , we lost our true Master (guru) of Excel.

My heartily condolences .


Chirag Raval


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I would just like to add my thanks to Chip Pearson. I guess I first came across the site in the 1990's. Certainly before he had to create a new business site as the Excel sections were getting so much attention. On my first use, which improved my efficiency greatly, I was struck by the fact that I had no idea how I would have ever been able to solve the problems he had. The relationship between the code and the functionality was lost on me at that time. Even now when 'Remove Duplicates' is part of Excel I came to his site today so I could identify the legitimate duplicates in some data.
He has made a lasting impression on me and I always say to those in need 'Search for Chip Pearson'. He was one of those people, who like me, sees that on the whole code is for all, to benefit all. I even had to join this site just leave a comment for someone who should be listed in Wikipedia.


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Sad news and a legend lost. My excel skills would be nothing without chips helpful handy tips and tricks! This is the first website I found when I started my excel journey and was instantly bookmarked. Used countless times to answer mine and other people’s queries. Long may the memory of this Titan amongst excel users live on.


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My condolences to the family. As everyone has stated, Chip's contribution has been immense. For me his work was an amazing learning and practical resource that has been incredibly useful. The way he was able to pass on his knowledge in such a structured way was unique. His work and contribution will continue to be present in all kinds of projects all over the world.


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Wow! Just saw this and so sad to hear. Condolences to the family. Can't say how much Chip's site has saved me over the years. So easy to follow and great examples. RIP Chip!


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Chip Pearson's contribution to the world will be forever remembered in the Website he created and you are seeking to restore. It is one of the best.

Best wishes in this endeavour
and to Mr and Mrs Pearson,
thank you for your son's life and condolence for your loss.


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