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Hi all,

I need some help figuring out a formula to read two columns and if they're both filled, then to provide the data.


I have one worksheet that serves as my data dump. Column C is a list of customers and column J and K are the brands of computers and smartphones they own. Sometimes column J and K will be blank.

In a second worksheet I'm trying to write a formula that will read the data dump worksheet, provide the customer name, the brand of smartphone and/or computer only IF J and/or K are filled out.

Marcelo Branco

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Assuming the data are in Sheet1 and in the other sheet the customer names are in column A beginning in A2, try

Formula in B2 copied across to C2 and down
=IFERROR(INDEX(Sheet1!J:J,MATCH($A2,Sheet1!$C:$C,0))&"","Not found")

Hope this helps


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